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Welcome To Ask Dr. George

Welcome to Ask Dr. George!. This is a new video series full of detailed information about all things dental. In this series, I am joined by the wonderful Angie Hill, local radio host. I hope you enjoy this series.

Wisdom Teeth

In this video, Angie and I discuss everything you need to know about wisdom teeth.

Bone Loss

In this video Angie and I discuss bone loss. Did you know that when you lose a tooth or teeth, you will also eventually lose all of the jaw-bone that used to hold this tooth or teeth? The loss of the tooth is the end of one problem and the beginning of another.

Dentures and Implant Options for the Edentulous

In this video, Angie and I discuss dentures and implant treatment options for people wearing dentures.

What Is An Implant

In this episode, Angie and I explore the question- what is an implant?

Teeth in a Day

Immediate Implants- "Tooth in a Day"

In this episode, Angie and I explore the concept of immediate implants. An immediate implant is one that is placed at the same time that the tooth is removed. "Tooth in a Day" is the addition of a temporary tooth onto the immediate implant. This has its benefits and risks, which we discuss here.

Will It Break?

In this fun episode I put on my lab coat and spend some time trying to break different dental prostheses to see just how strong they are and answer the question- will it break?

TMJ Issues

In this episode, Angie and I explore a topic that affects many people- TMJ problems. The TMJ is short for Temporo-Mandibular Joint or jaw joints. Many people suffer from pain, muscle tension, teeth grinding or clenching and other problems mostly related to our stressful lives.

Sedation Options in Dentistry

In this episode, Angie and I explore the range of sedation options available to patients for invasive procedures or to help with dental anxiety and phobias.

Implants Using a CT Scan

In this episode, Angie and I explore the use of Cone Beam Computerized Tomography in modern dentistry.

Arvanitis and Associates Facility

This video was made in 2009 but its message is just as valid today. My office has continued to evolve and modernize. We now have X-Boxes and I-Pads instead of game cubes. We have added additional technologies. Most of the staff though are the same. They have been with me a long time.

Additional Videos

My Dental Philosophy

In this video from 2009 I describe my dental philosophy. Nothing has changed, except for me. I'm older now, but the message is as valid today as it was then.

The Use of Technology in Dentistry

In this video from 2009 I describe how technology has changed everything about the way Dentistry is provided. The technologies have continued to get better and we have continued to upgrade, but the message is still the same as it was then.

Why I Love Being a Dentist

I made this video in 2009 and it's interesting to me because I still feel the same way. Why do I do what I do? Because it still makes me happy to get out of bed every morning and make a difference. I have been blessed to have been very successful so it stopped being about paying the bills a long time ago. I only work now for the Smiles! That's what makes me happy.

Arvanitis and Associates Welcome Video

Cityline Smile Makeover

This video is a way back playback of a smile makeover I did in 2002 for one of the Vice President's of City TV. It was featured on City TV's Cityline program with Marilyne Denis. Still see this lady and the makeover is holding up perfectly after all these years. Sorry for the poor video quality- this was filmed before HD.

Your Safety Is Our Primary Concern

Coping with Covid 19. How Arvanitis and Associates is keeping our patients and staff safe.